Ahmad, better known as Haboob,

is a talented DJ and event producer with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences for his audiences. His love for music was ignited at an after-party hosted by JJKØ, which left a lasting impression on him and inspired him to share his passion with others.
Starting with small house parties while attending UC Santa Cruz, Haboob quickly gained a reputation for his exceptional skills behind the turntables from open format to specializing in house music, which led to his first-ever gig at the only club in Santa Cruz, Motiv. From there, he founded Utopian Series, an event production organization that specializes in creating unique experiences with an exclusive mixture of backdrops including farms, rooftops, beaches, warehouses, basements, pools, yachts, and forests (nature’s playground).
Haboob's farmhouse-themed event in Santa Cruz gained popularity and brought attention to his organization. Fast forward, Utopian Series broke the records hosting a 1400-attendee beach event making it the largest beach event the city ever witnessed. Haboob then expanded his reach to San Francisco, bringing talent and organizations to Santa Cruz venues such as Motiv & the farm in addition to collaborating/performing at San Francisco's major venues and rooftops such as Yolo, 1015 Folsom, Temple, Arena SF, Love & Propaganda, F8, Bergerac, & Fuego supporting major talents such as Vintage Culture, Cat Dealers, Bruno Martini, Bass Jackers, Hugel, MakJ, and Matroda.
Today, he and his organization are taking part in the Shabang Music Art & Festival in San Luis Obispo with 10,000 attendees, supporting legends like SNBRN, VNSSA, Bob Moses, Hayden James, Black V Neck, and more.

With his exceptional talent and passion for creating unforgettable experiences, Haboob is sure to continue making his mark in the music industry for years to come.