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JJKØ is the alias of Jay. JJKØ is DJ, music, and event producer, who goes from progressive house, tech house, bass house, and even JJKØ House. JJKØ does not like to define himself (especially musically).
Brazilian-made, Californian-based, and despite his short yet memorable journey as DJ and producer, JJKØ can be proud of how things are developing in a good direction. Self-taught, he has been showing his sharp taste all over the place: with masterful live performances from San Francisco to San Diego, New Jersey to Miami, or maybe Brazil?
JJKØ is El Capo at GH Entertainment. He tries to bring the Brazilian way of partying for those who don't know what HAVING FUN truly means. (The Brazilian way, of course) Some people even say that #NOJJKØNOPARTY.
Even though JJKØ didn't grow up in a musical environment, JJKØ is the living incarnation of the DIY (do it yourself) culture, and is taking over the electronic music scene. People keep saying that JJKØ is plural, and also singular... But I still believe that JJKØ is JJKØ (and that's it!)

Supported Sets

ALOK, Bhaskar, Bob Moses, Hayden James, Max Styler, Malone, Ciszak, Cour T., Bakermat, Cedric Gervais, Matroda, Mau P, b2b w/ Chapter & Verse, Vintage Culture, Hugel, MakJ, Green Velvet, Morten, Maluma, Deniz Koyu, ATRAK, CashCash, Dennis Ferrer, Rafa Barrios, Two Friends, SIDEPIECE, Mochakk, Sunday Scaries, NOIZU, Return of Jaded, Liu, KVSH, MK, Cat Dealers, Sango, ILLUSIONIZE, Dubdogz, Chemical Surf, Marcelo D2, Bruno Martini, Victor Lou, Tough Art, Doozie and more.

Countries Performed

Brazil, Serbia & the US

Venues Performed

Las Vegas, NV: We All Scream.
Los Angeles, CA: Catch One & Mirus Gallery.
Washington DC: El Techo.
Orlando, FL: Celine & Mangos.
San Diego, CA: NOVA SD.
Fort Lauderdale, FL: Backyard & McSorley’s.
Miami, FL: 1South, AWA, Riverside, The Trip & Domicile.
Santa Cruz, CA: Motiv & The Catalyst.
San Jose, CA: MYTH & Aura Nightclub.
Sergipe, Brazil: Talhado Nightclub, Fabric & La Pineal Festival.
San Luis Obispo, CA: Shabang Festival
San Francisco, CA: Temple Nightclub, 1015 Folsom, LVL55, STK Steakhouse, Monarch, The Midway, Audio, Origin, The Grand, Holy Cow, San Francisco Bele, Monroe, Public Works, YOLO, Club Six, Phoenix Hotel, Halcyon, Providence, Bergerac & more.